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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 14

Getting close to the end of the season

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We’re getting close to the start of another Sunday of NFL football, and that means we need to get our picks in. Yes, it’s time for the guys behind your favorite Minnesota Vikings’ website to show who we’re rolling with as we make this week’s picks around the league and give everyone a chance to laugh at how poorly we’re doing.

Well, how poorly I’m doing. Most other folks are doing pretty well, relatively speaking.

Here’s how everyone did last week:

  • Eric Thompson: 13-1 straight-up, 8-7 against the spread, 6-8 over/under
  • Mark Pittman: 12-2 straight-up, 8-7 against the spread, 9-5 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 10-4 straight-up, 9-6 against the spread, 9-6 over/under
  • GA Skol: 10-4 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 6-9 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 9-5 straight-up, 4-11 against the spread, 6-9 over/under
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 8-6 straight-up, 5-10 against the spread, 11-3 over/under

There are 14 straight-up games vs 15 spread games because of the tie this past week, which is why those numbers don’t quite line up. Mark and Warren were over .500 in all three categories this week, which is pretty impressive. I know I haven’t done that very many times this year.

Here’s how we stack up in the three major categories with five weeks left in the regular season.


  1. Eric Thompson: 125-68 (.648)
  2. Mark Pittman: 121-71 (.630)
  3. Ed Brodmarkle: 118-75 (.611)
  4. GA Skol: 118-75 (.611)
  5. Warren Ludford: 116-77 (.601)
  6. Christopher Gates: 115-78 (.596)

Against the Spread

  1. Mark Pittman: 107-83 (.563)
  2. Eric Thompson: 99-91 (.521)
  3. Warren Ludford: 94-96 (.495)
  4. Ed Brodmarkle: 84-90 (.483)
  5. Christopher Gates: 90-100 (.474)
  6. GA Skol: 88-101 (.466)


  1. Ed Brodmarkle: 104-88 (.542)
  2. Mark Pittman: 96-95 (.503)
  3. GA Skol: 96-98 (.495)
  4. Warren Ludford: 96-98 (.495)
  5. Eric Thompson: 94-99 (.487)
  6. Christopher Gates: 86-108 (.443)

I think for my over/under picks I’m just going to have to go the full Costanza. . .figure out what I think the result is going to be and then just pick the complete opposite. It’s not as if it can get any worse than what I’ve been doing there lately.

So far, Mark is the only person in the top two in all three categories and has a sizeable lead in the spread picks. Ed has a pretty big lead in the over/unders, and the straight-up picks can still be anyone’s game. . .almost.

With that, here are our picks for this week, powered by the folks at Tallysight. As always, picks are subject to change right up until kickoff and can vary based on when each individual person put their picks into the system. For the latest lines and numbers, you can check out the DraftKings Sportsbook and see how things are moving.

Unanimous Picks

5-1 Picks

4-2 Picks

3-3 Picks

None this week

Those are our picks for Week 14 in the NFL, folks. Who are you picking this weekend?