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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Wednesday February 2, 2022

Happy Jim Harbaugh Day

Sporting News Archive Photo by Elsa Hasch/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

I heard Jim Harbaugh likes to eat his steaks with a glass of whole milk. You should start the Manny’s watch early today. Jim is flying into Minneapolis to discuss the head coaching job with Kwesi, the Wilfs and other execs. There might be some news that breaks sometime tonight or early tomorrow. Also, this could go sideways given Jim’s history. Kwesi is familiar with Jim and if he wants him as his Head Coach then so do I. This team needs someone who knows how to win and that is Jim. He didn’t finish it off with the 49ers, but here’s hoping he can with Minnesota.

Around DN since the last Open Thread

The Vikings have completed their 2nd interview with Patrick Graham

Alex Boone gives us some insight on Jim Harbaugh, wludford has the details

Vikings news from other sources

Sports Illustrated says Jim Harbaugh is still undecided on if he should take the job with the Vikings.

Bleacher Report says Jim Harbaugh is confident he can land the Vikings Head Coaching Job.

Around the NFL

Brian Flores is suing the Dolphins, Giants, Broncos and the NFL for their hiring processes...Bill Belichick might be the key witness.

Brian Flores will be on CBS Mornings today to talk about his lawsuit.

Media Selection of the Day

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