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Vikings Report talks Harbaugh and O’Connell LIVE

Things took a big shift about half an hour ago

Well, that certainly took a turn, didn’t it?

After spending all day on Harbaugh Watch in the anticipation that the Minnesota Vikings would be naming their new head coach, it turns out that Jim Harbaugh didn’t want the job after all and the Vikings have turned their attention to Los Angeles Rams’ offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell.

We’re talking about all of this LIVE! Right now! On Vikings Report with Drew and Ted LIVE!

You can watch the show on the embedded player above there, or you can check it out on the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel, where you can log in and make comments. We’ll even be letting people call into the show and share their thoughts with us live on the air.

So, if you want to commiserate over the Harbaugh situation or celebrate Kevin O’Connell being the team’s next head coach, come on in and watch Vikings Report LIVE!