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Vikings’ Salary Cap Implications | Mock Draft Mondays

Deshawn Vaughan wanted to talk about the Minnesota Vikings salary cap, how to get under it, and how it will affect the draft. Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!

Your Minnesota Vikings have the majority of their new staff pulled together and are hitting the ground running. The first thing will be to evaluate the roster. The Vikings have a lot of players leaving due to free agency. What are those salary cap implications? How will the players be replaced? We are going to be talking about how the cap, that Over The Cap is currently showing the Vikings $16M over, will affect free agency and the draft on tonight’s Mock Draft Mondays show. Then a short mock draft, version 5, with that in mind. Strap in for another episode of Mock Draft Mondays!

Other talking points for tonight’s show:

- What players will be leaving the Vikings via free agency?

- What players will be available if the Vikings want them?

- How much cap space will need to be cleared to make it happen?

- What methods could Rob Brzezinski use to make that happen?

- Firing up the mock draft machine for version 5. [Will wait until next week.]

Fan with us!!! Tyler Forness @TheRealForno, and Deshawn Vaughan @vikingsfans16. In the truck is Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare producing this @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s production.