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Reload in 2022? | Vikings Daily SITREP

Jonas chimes in on the extension of Kirk Cousins in this Vikings Daily SITREP. How does he feel? How do you?

Your Minnesota Vikings have announced an extension for Kirk Cousins. It happened last night and amounts to a “Reload” to the team in an effort to be competitive. Mark Wilf spelled it out weeks ago at his presser so when he tells you that, believe him. Jonas has views on the subject from CTP Europe and joins Producer Dave to hash them out. Is it a reload? What about the defense? What about a long-term plan? Watch and find out.

The extension comes at a market price. Is it a good deal for the Vikings and the direction they wish to go? Is it just that Kirk is set up to be an expensive bridge quarterback and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah plans to select the next Vikings quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft? What do you think?

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