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No compensatory draft picks for Vikings, remain at 8 selections

As expected

NFL: APR 25 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday, the National Football League announced the compensatory picks for the 2022 NFL Draft and, as expected, the Minnesota Vikings did not receive any extra selections.

The reason for this is because the Vikings signed a boatload of free agents last offseason and they were not offset by enough losses to merit the Vikings getting extra selections.

With that, the entire draft order for this year is set, and the Vikings will remain at eight selections. . .as things stand right now. . .in the 2022 NFL Draft. Here is the full list of selections the Vikings have.

  1. Round 1, #12 overall
  2. Round 2, #46 overall
  3. Round 3, #77 overall
  4. Round 5, #156 overall (from Baltimore Ravens)
  5. Round 6, #184 overall
  6. Round 6, #191 overall (from Kansas City Chiefs)
  7. Round 6, #192 overall (from New York Jets)
  8. Round 7, #250 overall (from Denver Broncos)

The Vikings don’t have their fourth-round pick in this year’s draft, as they traded it to the New York Jets in August to acquire tight end Chris Herndon.

Half of the picks the Vikings currently possess aren’t their own picks. Here’s how they were acquired.

  • The fifth-rounder from Baltimore comes from the Yannick Ngakoue trade in 2020. The Vikings sent their own fifth-rounder in this year’s draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars when they initially acquired Ngakoue.
  • The sixth-rounder from Kansas City comes from the Mike Hughes trade. The Vikings sent their own seventh-rounder to the Chiefs in that trade, which is why they don’t have it.
  • The sixth-rounder from the Jets is from the aforementioned Herndon trade.
  • The seventh-rounder from Denver comes from the Stephen Weatherly trade.

We’ll have to see how Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and company handle their draft picks when the bullets start flying on draft weekend, but for now the Vikings have eight selections in this year’s NFL Draft.