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Report: Vikings to pay Danielle Hunter’s roster bonus

Looks like we have our answer

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Not even an hour ago, we talked about the Minnesota Vikings having to answer the looming question of Danielle Hunter’s contract and the $18 million roster bonus that vests this weekend. Now, it appears that we have our answer.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that “barring an unforeseen change,” the Vikings will pay Hunter his $18 million bonus and keep his contract intact as it is currently configured.

As we mentioned in our original story, the Vikings didn’t necessarily have to do anything with Hunter’s deal. Making some sort of change would give them more flexibility to do things with salary cap space, but it doesn’t appear as though any changes are going to be made.

Hunter’s contract keeps him in Minnesota through the 2023 season. The contract has void years in 2024 and 2025 to lower his cap hit, but after he takes a nearly $26 million cap hit this season, his number for 2023 is around $8.6 million according to Over the Cap. Hopefully, by that point, the Vikings and Hunter’s camp will have worked out something more long-term to keep him around if he can have his first healthy season since 2019.

Once again, according to reports, the Vikings are set to pay Danielle Hunter his $18 million roster bonus today and keep him in the fold for the next two seasons. What do you think of this development, folks?