Wyatt Davis Rick Spielmans Rogue Draft pick?????

So several articles have come out in recent days pointing to Wyatt Davis not even being on the Vikings Big board in the 3rd round and being taken with the 86th pick in the 2021 Draft class.because Trader Rick went Rogue most of this is coming off reports by Courtney Cronin.

"Do you want to know what I heard at the combine? That was a Rick Spielman special, where he didn’t listen to anyone else in the room on Wyatt Davis. He went after his guy. Two scouts I talked to in the Minnesota Vikings organization said that this guy wasn’t even a backup grade for them. Okay? That’s what the reality of the situation was."

Courtney Cronin | ESPN

Tallied with the Injury recovery from college and an ankle injury in season along with the stories now coming out that Davis wasnt considered by the Vikings Big Board to be a 3rd round worthy player beg the Question what really did go on in the 3rd round of the 2021 Draft.

Davis has alot of accolades from college so why did some of the vikings scouts not even rate him as a backup grade player. and then Davis himself aid he was redoubling his efforts this off season.

I dont think we will ever know, but it does shed more light on the confusing Wyatt Davis situation, Vikings Scouts didnt rate Davis highly and yet the Former GM went rogue and took him in the 3rd round anyway. against the scouting department Rick himself helped build. And might also say simply the reason the coaches didnt play Davis was because he wasnt ready or good after all.

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