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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Friday March 4, 2022

The Underwear Olympics are underway!

Clemson v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Not much Vikings news going on.

Some moran made another silly pipe dream offseason plan though.

The combine results for the first day were impressive in terms of speedsters.

Most of the reviews are similar so no need to post anymore as they can be found with a google search.

I was surprised at Treylon Burks. I thought he was going to run in the 4.4s but 4.55 is not too bad. Plus, he did not look like he got good starts. The vertical and broad jump were more troubling for me though. Still, it depends on how a team is going to use him. He gets compared with Deebo Samuel in the ways he could be used but how many teams can run the 49ers system?

Christian Watson was and is impressive. He has size, speed, and tested very well in the jumps. He likely is going to go in the 2nd and could sneak into the 1st now. For me, the level of competition is still something to consider.

Alec Pierce was probably my favorite along with Skyy Moore.

I think overall the receivers showed that teams may be happy taking one in the 3rd or 4th round.

At tight end, there were several that looked OK and the Vikings may have to take one if Conklin goes elsewhere.

The QBs were interesting. I still like Ridder, Pickett, and Strong then Howell, Willis, and Corral. I like that Ridder and Pickett were not afraid to run. I know a couple of the others could not run due to injury but wasn’t sure why Willis would not compete in the running.

I do not put much stock into the throwing part because it is tough to get any idea really. You got different receivers who they never worked with and they get two reps and then wait. Silly to make any judgments off of that stuff.

Ridder running a 4.52 (official) was very impressive.

Looking forward to today’s festivities.

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