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Brandon Scherff? | Viking Hot Takes

Check out this fast-hitting format of the Daily Norseman’s and Climbing The Pocket Network’s show with the great Flip Mazzi from CTP and special guest, DN’s own Eric Thompson. What are your hot takes to the questions? Will Brandon Scherff come to the Vikings? Does the new leadership want him and will do what it takes to sign him?

The NFL Combine is well underway and your Minnesota Vikings are there. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell have given their press conferences and there were clues as to where the Vikings hope to go. There is a new staff, the lack of available cap money issue, evaluations of current players, free agents, and all the guys at the underwear Olympics in Indy. Free agency is about to happen and rumors are starting to fly, including exceptional guard, Brandon Scherff, wanting to play close to home, and that would be with the Vikings. Flip Mazzi from Climbing The Pocket and Eric Thompson from the Daily Norseman get together for 6 questions in 20 minutes in Viking Hot Takes. Join in the heat of those takes. What are yours?

Tonight, Flip will battle Eric for the 29th episode of Viking Hot Takes on the Climbing The Pocket channel on Thursday night. Following the usual format of the show, we put the usual 20 minutes on the clock and asked each other three questions:

Flip asks:

1. How many years will KOC coach the Vikings?

2. What was your main takeaway from the Combine pressers?

3. Adam, Dalvin, Kirk. Extend one. Trade one. Replace one.

Eric asks:

1. Which assistant coaches are you most and least excited about?

2. What are the odds that Brandon Scherff comes to the Vikings?

3. Which current free agents will the Vikings re-sign if any?

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