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Dalvin Cook makes jersey number switch official

Get your #4 jerseys out

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

When Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook next hits the field at U.S. Bank Stadium (or wherever else the Vikings might open their 2022 season), he’s going to have a different look about him.

Today at a press conference, the star running back confirmed that he would be switching jersey numbers from #33 to #4. He wore the #4 when he was a star at Florida State University prior to being drafted by the Vikings in 2017.

Prior to last season, the league relaxed the rules about which numbers select positions can wear. Before the rule change, running backs were limited to wearing numbers between 20 and 49, but after the rule change anything from 1 to 49 was fair game for the position. There was also a rule for last season that said if a player wanted to change numbers, he would have to buy out the remaining stock of jerseys with his current number from official distributors. That rule does not exist this year, clearing the way for any player that wants to make a change to do so.

The #4 hasn’t gotten a lot of use throughout the history of the Minnesota Vikings. The most recent player to don the number was quarterback Sean Mannion, who wore it in 2019. Punter Ryan Quigley wore the number in 2017, and Chris Kluwe switched to the #4 in 2011 to accommodate Donovan McNabb in exchange for several concessions. . .most of which were never actually met. And, of course, Brett Favre wore the number for the Vikings in 2009 and 2010.

So, if you want to get yourself a new Dalvin Cook jersey, you might want to wait until you officially see the #4 jerseys on the shelves at your local retailer. Otherwise, it will likely be outdated before you even receive it.