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Vikings currently on track for two 2023 Compensatory Picks

Not too exciting, but it’s better than nothing

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

While we’re still waiting for the 2022 NFL Draft, it’s never too early to start looking a little farther ahead and what the future could bring to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings have been a bit more active in free agency this year than a lot of people expected and it appears that, as of now, they’re on track to receive a couple of extra picks in 2023.

According to the folks from Over the Cap, the Vikings should receive a pair of 2023 sixth-round picks based on the net losses they’ve experienced in free agency this year.

The sixth-rounders that the Vikings are projected to receive by the OTC folks come from the losses of safety Xavier Woods and offensive lineman Mason Cole. The loss of linebacker Nick Vigil was not for a large enough annual salary to trigger a pick for his loss.

Minnesota’s biggest signing for this free agency period, defensive lineman Harrison Phillips, cancels out the loss of tight end Tyler Conklin in the Compensatory Pick formula, according to OTC. The lower-tier free agents that the Vikings have signed so far this offseason have not been enough to cancel out either the Woods loss or the Cole loss in the formula.

It’s true that nobody knows exactly what the Compensatory Pick formula looks like, but Over the Cap has been pretty darn accurate in their projections over the years, and if they say the Vikings are on track for a couple of extra 2023 selections, I tend to believe them. It’s a long way off yet, but it’s still something that merits monitoring.