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Draft Prep Part 4 with Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings | The Real Forno Show

Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network joins Tyler to talk about the draft and team strategies, including your Minnesota Vikings. Then we mock! SKOL!

We are just three days away from the NFL Draft! It’s time to not only talk about the Minnesota Vikings’ draft fits but also how the first round can look. Joining me tonight is Ian Cummings (@ian_cummings_9) of Pro Football Network to break down both his and my final mock drafts of the cycle. We will be discussing why we had certain fits, who might sneak into the first round, and potential surprise risers and fallers.

The end is here. We resumed after an internet outage cut the show short.

Talking points for tonight’s show:

  • — Comparing drafts Tyler vs Ian
  • — Who will the Vikings select?
  • — Who will fall?
  • — Who will rise?
  • — Who will sneak into round 1?
  • — Skol Search: mock draft v12.
The Vikings selections for mock v12 utilizing the Pro Football Network’s draft simulator.

Fan with us!!! The guest is Ian Cummings @ian_cummings_9 of Pro Football Network @PFN365. Tyler Forness @TheRealForno and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare producing this @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s production, and enjoying an OUTSTANDING brew from @LakeMonsterBrew.