Final Mock

I used ProFootballNetwork in order to complete my mock. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback in advance.

Trades. The Strategy can be summed up to trading down with the pick on the clock to move up picks later in the draft. I'm looking to acquire lots of Day 2 picks.
12, 46, 77, 180 (Our 1st,2nd, 3rd, 6th)
13, 37, 68, 108 (Their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
Summary: Moved back 1 spot in the 1st to flip positions with them in rounds 2+3 and upgraded a 6th to a 4th.
They selected Jameson Williams, WR

New Orleans: 13, 68 (Our 1st and 3rd from Houston)
16, 49, and 98 (Their 1st, 2nd, and 4th).
Summary: Moved back 3 spots. Upgraded a 3rd to a 2nd and added a 4th round pick.
They wanted Trevor Penning, OT

Baltimore: 108/156/184 (Houston's 3rd, MIN 5th&6th)
119 and 139 (Two of their 4th Round Picks)
Summary: 4th, 5th, 6th for 2 4ths. Probably my worst trade of the night value wise since I 'initiated' trade talks, but all 3 players I wanted at 108 were both still available at 119 anyway. It basically ended up being a 5th and 6th for a 4th which worked out perfectly.
Baltimore picked Cam Jurgens (whom didn't interest me since I think he's too undersized at C)

1st Round. Pick 16 (16) Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE
2nd Round. Pick 5 (37) Devonte Wyatt, DT
2nd Round. Pick 17 (49) Kyler Gordon, CB
3rd Round. Pick 34 (98) Khalil Shakir, WR
4th Round. Pick 14 (119) Luke Fortner, C
4th Round. Pick 34 (139) JT Woods, S
6th Round. Pick 11 (191) Jojo Domann, LB
6th Round. Pick 12 (192) Chase Lucas, CB
7th Round. Pick 29 (250) Thomas Booker, DT

  • With pick #1, we get one of the best pass rushers in the draft to rotate in with Zadarius Smith and Danielle Hunter. All three could potentially line up on the field on passing downs. Johnson also gives us injury insurance behind the aforementioned starters who have each played very little in the past two seasons. Rushing the passer is arguably the most important component in building your defense and teams pay handsomely for QB pressures. Consider what the Vikings are paying for it now. Is it likely Johnson lasts this long? Doubtful. It's just the way the draft unfolded for me. Realistically, you may swap in George Karlaftis in his place since I also think he's a top 10 talent that has a better chance of sliding to pick 16.
  • Next up, we have Devonte Wyatt making it to Round 2. For all the Jordan Davis fanboys out there, I think Wyatt is lurking as a steal behind his shadow. Devonte is also freaky athletic for his size, and unlike Davis, has some ability to rush the passer. He's potentially a 3 down lineman that would likely start immediately next to Harrison Phillips and Dalvin Tomlinson. This allows us to rotate Armon Watts from the bench on a defensive line that will no doubt need a breather. I've mentioned it elsewhere, but none of Watts, Phillips, or Tomlinson played more than 55% of their teams' defensive snaps last season. DL is a critical need for the Vikings with a scheme change to a 3-4.
  • Kyler Gordon projects as an outside corner at the next level and addresses the most obvious need for the Vikings. He may be another player that won't make it this long. He was actually the last CB of his perceived talent tier left in the second round. Gordon would compete for a starting job immediately against Cam Dantzler and is potentially a long-term replacement for Patrick Peterson.
  • I have been one of the stronger anti-WR members of the site for draft talk. I do not want a WR to be the first pick. The Vikings have a lot of talent at WR between Jefferson, Thielen, and Osborn. However, Kevin O'Connell likely plans on using more 3 WR sets instead of the 2 TE sets we have been accustomed to and I do see need for both now and the future. Khalil Shakir fits the bill of a starting slot WR the Vikings currently lack to assist in their offensive transition.
  • Luke Fortner is my first 4th round pick. He is big (and hopefully doesn't have the same potential issues as someone like Linderbaum and Jurjens) and could be the starter of the future at center during what is likely Garrett Bradbury's last season with the Vikings.
  • Safety gets a boost for the 2nd 4th round pick I managed to acquire from Baltimore. Woods has exceptional athletic ability and adds a more capable 'safety net' behind Harrison Smith and Cam Bynum. Perhaps he can develop enough to displace Smith when the latter's performance inevitably drops from aging in the next couple seasons.
  • For the final three picks, I'm mostly looking to fill backup depth and acquiring the best players left over. Nothing exciting. LB depth under Kendricks and Hicks is very thin. Round 6 is a great spot to be looking to fill it since LBs aren't relatively valuable compared to other positions. There just isn't much difference in value between a good starting linebacker and an average one. Of course, if they are as bad as Troy Dye, Chazz Surratt, etc. have been for the purple, you should try and improve. Domann was also conveniently the best player available (he has a 4th round grade) and gives us backup LB competition. I'd like to come away with two CBs in the draft ideally, so Lucas helped me do that and is appropriately valued as a 6th round pick. Josh Jobe was also available there, but I don't think there's any scenario he will be there that late and PFN is very low on him. I picked a more reasonable option for that reason and Lucas was one of the best players left in general. Booker just seemed like BPA available at 250 with a very high raw athletic score at DT.
Other Thoughts
  • Cole Strange was long gone by pick 77. I was hoping he'd make it to 98. I'm in unison with everyone here that Strange on Day 2 is your best center for the best price.
  • The Vikings could definitely use some OT depth and I would have liked to get someone with potential. Unfortunately, I just couldn't justify one as the best pick at any spot.
  • I'm not opposed to drafting a guard, but I'm actually somewhat optimistic Chris Reed (and to a much lesser extent, Jesse Davis) can fix RG. If both are retained, perhaps you even have decent depth along with Udoh (who may fare better if limited to backup snaps). Or...maybe.. I've just seen the Vikings waste enough Day 2 and Day 3 picks on guards that haven't worked out that I'm sick of it.
  • I contemplated taking Charlie Kolar with one of the 4th round picks, but the 2 TE sets are long gone. I see TE as a need only if Irv Smith is unable to play (which is possible of course).

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