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2022 NFL Draft: Round 1 Discussion - Part 2

Oy vey!

NFL: NFL Draft Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Part two of day one.

The Vikings make a massive trade down to the bottom of the first round with a division rival (the Lions) and let them take the best receiver in the draft if he was not injured. Two trade charts say it was a bad trade and only the true NERD charts call it a win.

Good thing we have corners that can cover right?

I hope they make solid picks and, more importantly, the players do well. Still disappointing for me because I expected a bit more in the trade.

We’ll be here providing draft coverage of everything that the Minnesota Vikings will be doing the rest of this evening, whether it’s making picks, making trades, or a little bit of both.

As we’ve mentioned, we’ll have two different live shows airing during this year’s NFL Draft. They will come from our friends at Climbing the Pocket as well as Vikings Report with Drew and Ted.

We’ll have an Open Thread for each round as we have in past years. If we happen to notice the threads starting to bog down a little bit, we will get a new one fired up and direct everyone over there.

Hang out with us tonight for the first round and talk about everything that’s happening.

Enjoy the draft, everyone!