Big Mad - Reaction to Day 1-2

I was going to post last night, but decided to call it an early night instead.

I honestly don't know what to say about this draft. I'm sure Kwesi is much smarter than I am, but my opinion of his drafting so far is that it has been terrible. Absolutely atrocious.


Vikings started with 12, 46, 77, 156, 184, 191, 192, 250. All of our trades and maneuvering has us at 32, 42, 59, 66, 122, 156, 184, 191, 250 going into day 3. Total JJ chart value started at 1915, down to 1753. Greatly traded back early to eventually move some later round picks up.

The Lions trade was weak. I understand trading back, but we didn't get great value out of it. You can talk about whatever chart you want, but at the end of the day, we traded back to the absolute LAST spot in the 1st and didn't even get a 2nd round pick outright. By the older traditional charts we lost a high 3rd round pick in value. Some of the newest charts say we won, but it doesn't really feel like a big win. We swapped 1st and 2nd round picks to get a 3rd round pick. Or you can phrase it like we traded back 20 spots and picked up a 3rd rounder and moved up 12 in the 2nd. Or traded back 20 for both of our 1st and 2nd round picks to add pick 34. Any way you phrase it, we got a relatively poor return. Other trades in the draft so far have been pretty close to chart value, and historically, teams moving up that far pay a hefty premium (usually a future 1st). Especially when you consider that we were trading to a division rival who was presumably moving up for either the last of the Tier 1 receivers or the 1st QB. Those are the type of trades where you hold their feet to the fire and get the extra value. Grade: C+

The Packers trade was solid in return value at least, although I was concerned that trading back so far was going to leave us completely out of the potential starting corner market. Don't love giving the Packers a guy they want, but this is how you at least win on trade value. Grade: A-

Trading back up for Booth was pretty much a necessity, and the Colts knew it and made us pay. A 2nd, high 3rd, and 6th in exchange for moving up 9 in the 2nd and getting a 4th? Grade: B-


After all the maneuvering, I'm still left baffled by the picks honestly. Most media outlets see our needs as CB, DT, DE, LB, IOL, S, TE. Some view OL as a higher need, but everyone with eyeballs knows our defense has been hot garbage for two years.

32: Lewis Cine, S. Great player, but don't understand the pick at all. Traded down 20 spots in the first to land the 3rd best safety in the draft? Bynum looked outstanding last year, and Smith is still playing at a very high level, and cutting him next year only saves like $7.5M while leaving 11M dead money. What do we do with Bynum now? One of our most promising young guys is going to just sit on the bench? He'll be a great value long term, but safety isn't a high value position, and we already have two capable players at S. We could have had a true outside corner like McCreary, a slot/ Star corner like Pitre, the best true 5T in Logan Hall, or grabbed a DE/ OLB insurance policy like Mafe/ Ebikitie/ Ojabo in case Hunter/ ZDS have injury issues.

42: Andrew Booth Jr., CB. Huge need, and Booth was the last of the tier 3 corners. If we wanted a guy who has a shot at playing this year and being an eventual starter, we needed to move up to land Booth. Solid pick, but he's the last one available because he had sports hernia surgery and wasn't able to test for combine/ pro day. Not sure how much he'll be able to contribute this year. Generally expected to be ready for training camp, but so was Darrisaw.

59: Ed Ingram, G. This pick is to me the biggest head scratcher. Honestly I was pissed the moment it was announced. We just signed multiple veterans to challenge Davis/ Udoh at guard. Ingram was also charged with two counts of felony sexual assault of a minor, causing him to miss a full year at LSU while suspended (charges were eventually dropped before trial when witnesses wouldn't come to court) and was generally considered a 3rd or later round pick just based on skill. Add in the dubious background, that's not a guy that should be on the radar at all, and certainly not a reach in the 2nd. When you consider how bad our defense has been and look at the defensive talent still available, this pick makes no sense. Even just from an OL perspective, we have like 7 players that could compete for guard and one guy with center experience.

66: Brian Asamoah, LB. Another small LB, and another reach. Most successful 3-4 defenses have some larger linebackers that can take on guards. Asamoah is not that. He's a Kendricks clone and true nickel LB. There were better athletes and better scheme fits available. Chad Muma is a converted safety that weighs 243 pounds, not 225. Chenal and Brandon Smith are 250 pound thumpers that can still cover.

Honestly, the whole draft so far is hugely underwhelming. Looking at the four players we got, I think the only one that can be penciled in to start is Cine, and that means benching Bynum. Booth should hopefully be ready by training camp, but we've seen how important that rookie camp and off-season program is after watching Darrisaw/ Davis struggle. Clearly the culture talk was all bullshit since we drafted probably the biggest red flag guy in the draft. He might compete at guard, might not, and Asamoah is probably a special teamer/ rotational guy, just like Surratt.

So we ended up with 4 top 75 picks instead of 3, and I don't see how we improved at all. I would have rather had a WR at 12 than our current haul, and I've been the biggest anti-WR guy on the DN. We haven't added any DL talent, any WR in a deep WR draft, and have done very little the entire offseason to improve or seriously address the run defense.

Yes, I know it's early, but Kwesi went from making savvy moves in the offseason to a dumpster fire of a draft. We haven't added any marquis players, we didn't add any future assets, we haven't really scored any major wins on trades, and we have done a very poor job addressing needs. Which would be fine if you could make the argument that we were going BPA, but out of our four picks, Cine was right around board value, Booth slid for injury, and Ingram and Asamoah were both reaches by a round+. I don't see how the talent we added is in any way better than what we could have just had at 12, 46, and 77.

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