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“But Can He Play Guard?” | Two Old Bloggers

The themes for today’s show with Darren and me on this Climbing The Pocket show are 1) Kwesi and the ‘Competitive Rebuild’ - Quest for a Lombardi. 2) the second wave of free agency. 3) Vikings special teams. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk!

The owners meeting down in Florida has concluded and the power trust the Minnesota Vikings are back home. Being down in Florida did not stop them from some free agent signings, however, and we’ll go over those over the last week or so. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah talked about “competitive rebuild“ and does that mean getting high-priced veterans or building from the draft? Or more likely a combination of those and maybe more approaches, especially with directions coming from the Wilfs? The goal is to win the Super Bowl and take home the Lombardi trophy, something the Minnesota Vikings have never done.

In that second wave of free agency, the Vikings have signed guard Jesse Davis formerly on the Miami Dolphins, resigned cornerback Patrick Peterson, and signed guard Chris Reed of the Indianapolis Colts. What does this mean for Peterson and the defense? Who’s battling for the right guard position on the offense. Everybody asks with any signing or rumor, “but can he play guard?“ Who do you think will start?

Then we’ll wrap up the in-depth look at position groups diving in with some deep thoughts into the special teams. The kickers have been locked in, and the long snapper is the same, but what about kick returns and put returns? Will there be a difference this year?

Here are the themes for the show:

Theme #1 - Kwesi and the ‘Competitive Rebuild’

Theme #2 - Second wave of free agency

Theme #3 - Vikings special teams

Join us for your Minnesota Vikings talk amongst Two Old Bloggers and join the conversation! Fan with us!!! Come join the @Climb_ThePocket’s & @DailyNorseman’s blogger show with Darren @KickassblogVike and Dave @Luft_Krigare, and enjoy an OUTSTANDING brew from @LakeMonsterBrew.