People are seriously underestimating Oli Udoh

I seriously don't understand why a lot of people are predicting Oli Udoh is going to be cut. He was literally a starter last year at a different position then what he was drafted for and wasn't even THAT bad. Sure he was definetly below average at Guard and had the 2nd most penelities in the league but when we drafted him we knew he was raw. When he wasn't committing penelties I thought he played okay. My question is what has Blake Brandel an unathletic tackle with no athletisism shown that he deserves a roster spot over Udoh? I would even cut Lowe and risk putting him or Brandel on the practice squad above cutting Udoh. I just don't understand all the hate for Udoh when Bradberry has been so much worse for his entire career and Udoh still seems like he has a lot more upside at Tackle then most of the the other potential swing tackles on the roster. Am I missing something?

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