2018 Draft is clear, 2022 Draft is NOT

Hilarious how (some) fans get so rabid the day of and immediately after a draft. And I'm talking about those fans who make conclusions, not the fans who offer opinions. There's a huge difference. Discussions on a draft 4 years ago is more compelling and telling to me than 2022. "Kwesi is a failure". LMAO. Shut up you babies. Huggies has a sale on protection pads. I suggest you head over to Target and cure yourself.

2018 -

Mike Hughes - Flop

Brian O'Neil - Jackpot

Jaylyn Holmes - Whoopity freakin do

Tyler Conklin - excellent, except he didn't sign a 2nd contract.

Daniel Carlson - jack*ss situation, jack*ss ending

Colby Gossett - you bleepin me?

Ade Aruna - nice work on that one, Rick

Davonte Downs - why?

So, you see babies, 2018 draft basically sucked. Go right ahead and throw a tantrum cuz it's sure as sh** justified. But throwing a fit when there's 100% unknowns?? That's just plain ignorant.

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