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Cousins Greater Than Culpepper & Tarkenton - Really?

Tyler takes on the new math of 8>10 & 8>11. How do we compare different eras in Vikings football? First, a look at the remaining draft picks looking for production. Skol!

Whether it is new math or old math, we’ll be looking at which Vikings quarterback is greater, but first…

On tonight’s episode of The Real Forno Show, we dive into two topics. Host Tyler Forness will give a brief overview of the late-round picks and what the future could be.

The picks were:

Rd 5 / pick 165 (22) Esezi Otomewo, Minnesota DE

Rd 5 / pick 169 (26) Ty Chandler, North Carolina RB

Rd 6 / pick 184 (5) Vederian Lowe, Illinois OT

Rd 6 / pick 191 (12) Jalen Nailor, Michigan State WR

Rd 7 / pick 277 (6) Nick Muse, South Carolina TE

The other topic will be a tad more contentious. There was a major discussion over the weekend comparing Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks across eras and who is the most skilled. Who is the best Vikings quarterback? There is a segment of the fanbase that believes it’s Kirk Cousins while others believe it’s Daunte Culpepper and Fran Tarkenton. Producer Dave joins Tyler in discussing how to compare players across eras.

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