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The Vikings’ new defensive coordinator says the offense is “cutting edge”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of phrases to describe the Minnesota Vikings’ offense in recent years, the words “cutting edge” probably don’t jump directly to mind. However, those are exactly the words that the team’s new defensive coordinator is using to describe what he’s seeing in OTAs.

“One of the great things is the offense we get to see every day. Our offense has cutting edge schemes and formations. And that helps us get better. What Kevin and Wes has put together, it can only help us get better,” Donatell said at a media conference on Tuesday. (Thanks to Jordy McElroy at Yahoo! Sports for the transcript.)

Now, I’m not entirely sure what “cutting edge” means in this context. . .obviously none of us have seen what the Vikings have been doing in OTAs so far to have any idea what it means. But if someone with the experience of Ed Donatell is impressed with what he’s seeing from the offense thus far, that can only be considered a positive sign in my opinion.

One of the main complaints of the past couple of years has been the predictability of the offense. With O’Connell and new offensive coordinator Wes Phillips at the helm, it sounds early on like that isn’t going to be a thing we need to complain about anymore. Here’s hoping this is something that continues when the games actually matter.