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2022 NFL Schedule: Vikings to travel to Philadelphia in Week 2

As part of a Monday Night Football doubleheader

Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The entirety of the 2022 NFL schedule will be formally released this Thursday, but there are some announcements being made already, and one of them affects the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings will travel east in Week 2 to take on the Philadelphia Eagles as part of a Monday Night Football doubleheader. Well, it’s not really a traditional “doubleheader,” as both games will overlap one another.

The “early” game on Monday Night Football in Week 2 will be a matchup between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills. That game will kick off at 6:15 PM Central time and be aired on ESPN. The Vikings/Eagles game will then kick off at 7:30 PM Central and be shown on ABC.

It seems a bit weird that the league would schedule these two Monday Night games to overlap in this manner. Will the league be doing two games every Monday Night going forward? It seems a bit unlikely, but we’ll know more for sure when the schedule comes out on Thursday.

We now know two of the seventeen games on the Vikings’ schedule for this year. In addition to this Vikings/Eagles game, we already know that Minnesota will be heading across the pond in Week 4 for a “road” game against the New Orleans Saints in London. With that setup to start the year, it seems likely that the Vikings will get to start the season at U.S. Bank Stadium in Week 1, but that isn’t a certainty yet.

As we learn more about the 2022 NFL schedule and, specifically, the schedule for the Minnesota Vikings, we will bring you that information here.