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Where we talk about Colin Cowherd’s most recent Vikings take

Hoo boy

The Volume Anniversary Party Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for The Volume

By now, you’ve likely heard and/or seen exactly what Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd had to say about the Minnesota Vikings for 2022. In the event that you haven’t, you can use the video below, with the pertinent part for our purposes starting at about the four-minute mark.

“The team that I think will double their win total is the Minnesota Vikings.”

Now, the Vikings didn’t win three games in 2021 or something like that. They posted an 8-9 record. That means, in order for Cowherd’s prediction to come true, the Vikings would have to post a record of 16-1.

I love the Minnesota Vikings as much as any purple-bleeding fan does and I’m looking forward to what the Kevin O’Connell era is going to bring us as much as anybody. With that said, let me assure everyone of something.

The 2022 Minnesota Vikings are not going 16-1. In the show that I did with Drew and Ted right after the 2022 schedule came out, I had them at 11-6, and even that might have been a bit “pie in the sky,” though I do think that’s actually achievable.

It must be that new math that all the kids are talking about.

While I think most of us believe that the Vikings’ 2022 season will see them take a step forward from what we saw last season, I’m not sure if even the most optimistic of fans can get behind what Cowherd is saying here.

I don’t have anything against Colin Cowherd or anything like that, other than to say I hope he didn’t just jinx this year’s Vikings with these predictions. (As if the Vikings need any assistance when it comes to being jinxed.)