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Two of Vikings’ three preseason games to air live on NFL Network

Big news for non-local Vikings fans

NFL: Minnesota Vikings Minicamp Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still two months away from seeing the Minnesota Vikings taking the field for the games that don’t mean anything in the standings, but the NFL Network has given those of us that are outside of the team’s regular broadcast area some pretty good news.

Two of the Vikings’ three preseason games will be among the 22 games that will air live on the NFL Network. The NFL Network feed will be blacked out in the local broadcast areas because people can get the game through their local providers, but for those of us that are farther away it means that we, too, can watch Vikings preseason football.

The Vikings’ first preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders will air live on the NFL Network at 3:25 PM Central time on Sunday, 14 August. That’s the only game that the NFL Network is airing that day, which is kind of nice.

The All-Important (But Not As Important As It Used To Be) Third Preseason Game™ for the Vikings will also air live, as their last preseason game against the Denver Broncos will be part of an NFL Network tripleheader on Saturday, 27 August. Kickoff for that one will happen at 8:00 PM Central time.

Minnesota’s only home preseason game this year against the San Francisco 49ers will not air live nationally, so we’ll have to wait and see when the NFL Network will show the replays of that one for everyone that’s not in the immediate broadcast area for the game.

Are you happy that the Vikings will be getting two live preseason broadcasts this August, folks? I know I most certainly am.