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Let Dalvin Cook throw!

It appears that he can do it

NFL: Minnesota Vikings Minicamp Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

In his five National Football League seasons, Minnesota Vikings’ running back Dalvin Cook has not attempted to throw a pass on any sort of trick play. However, it certainly appears that he has the ability to do so.

The folks from the Fan Controlled Football League, which just wrapped up its second season, shared this clip with us of Cook leisurely throwing a long bomb to one of the team’s receivers. For a non-quarterback, it’s a pretty solid throw. . .sure, no pressure or anything like that, but it’s still impressive.

Cook is a part-owner of the FCFL’s Zappers, who won The People’s Championship this past weekend. So, congratulations to him and the rest of the team’s ownership group on that.

Given that teams generally load up to stop #33. . .er, #4. . .when the Vikings get close to the goal line on offense, perhaps giving Cook the ability to throw the occasional pass could be a way for the Vikings to get some easy points. We’ll have to see if Kevin O’Connell is willing to give him the sort of opportunity that Mike Zimmer was not.