Biggest News to date for the Minnesota Vikings

Yeah yeah a bit clickbait title but friends, family, the Vikings are bringing back one of the best things to ever come from the Mike Zimmer Era.

Something thats been missing from the team since the end of the 2017 season.

That is the Return of 96 Question with Brian Robison.

now i do have some feelings on how this new Version is gonna feel as the OG version had some all time Great personalities, and the Fact that B-Rob was one of the boys in the locker room at the time. Now there are still some Players who were here for the last iteration of 96 Questions like Hitman, Cook, Thielen etc. the Old stalwarts of the team now, So we will see how the Dynamic changes now with B-Rob being more a Retired Elder statesman instead of just one of the boys

it Supposed to drop on 6-21-22 on the Vikings Youtube Channel.

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