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SB Nation Reacts: Vikings fans think the offseason has been pretty good

The results are in

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

About a week ago, we asked everyone to let us know what they thought of the Minnesota Vikings’ offseason by giving it a grade as part of our SB Nation Reacts series. Well, the results are in, and most fans think that the offseason for our favorite team has been pretty solid for the most part.

According to our highly scientific polling methods, a majority of the folks that responded agreed with yours truly in giving the Vikings’ offseason a “B” grade for everything they’ve done since mid-January. There’s been quite a bit to keep track of, and though the team may not have hit a home run with every move they’ve made, a lot of us seem to be in agreement that there’s been more good than bad.

The next-highest grade that folks came to when looking at the Vikings’ offseason was a “C,” with 21% of readers falling under that category. On the other side, 15% of our respondents were a bit more optimistic and gave the Vikings’ moves this offseason an “A.”

On the bright side, very few of our readers thought that the offseason for our favorite team has been a disaster, with only 2% of those that voted giving the team a “D” and just 1% marking it down as a failure. Vikings fans being too optimistic? Man. . .that’s never come back to bite us before or anything, has it?

We’re going to have plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved with our SB Nation Reacts going forward, and you’ll notice a slightly different format. . .we’re not doing the e-mail thing anymore. Instead, the Reacts questions will appear on the site like a normal poll, which should give more people an opportunity to respond and participate.

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