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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Tuesday June 7, 2022

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Vikings News

Vikings’ Justin Jefferson discusses Kevin O’Connell, Minnesota’s new offense and the exploding WR market

“He’s great,” Jefferson responded when asked his thoughts on O’Connell. “Everybody in the building loves his attitude, and just him connecting with the players all around the building. Everybody seems to have fun and get the job done all at the same time. It wasn’t like that the first two years that I was there. And really just everybody connecting as a team and responding.”

“Yeah, I mean that’s definitely the word for it,” Jefferson said. “Definitely gives us a lot more ability to get the ball to different people in different positions. But we love the offense, it seems to be working very well, us going against the defenses in seven on seven. But it’s great, we love it. Hopefully it’s the change we need.”

“Yeah it’s definitely going up every single year,” Jefferson said with a laugh. “Seeing different guys getting these big numbers for their deals. So definitely looking at that and hopefully I can get the next big deal.”

It’s great to read how all the players are excited and how they are having more “fun” than before. We all know who they are taking a shot at indirectly. One thing I will say about this current team and the players that were here with Coach Zimmer, they sure are running their mouths this offseason.

The offensive players seem really to be excited and multiple media “types” (am I a media type or just a goblin?) are buying the hype too.

Tiering the Best Offensive Weapon Groups in the NFL 2022

Cynthia Felund gives her NFL’s top 11 offenses in 2022

There is a ton of hype and hopefully this group can do much better than 14th in scoring.

Matthew Coller writes about the truth and lies of pinning Vikings’ past failures on Mike Zimmer

Is it reasonable to agree that change was needed and that the previous work environment had grown toxic but let’s make sure we don’t forget some important things about Zimmer in the process. Things like top-11 defenses in points allowed from 2014-2019. Things like his winning percentage ranking higher than Marv Levy, Mike Ditka, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Shanahan. The fact that his much-maligned defense still finished second in the NFL in sacks. The oft-overlooked point that Kirk Cousins prior to Zimmer had a 93.7 quarterback rating (97.5 if you only count his full-time starting years) and with Zimmer he scored a 103.5 rating. Only five QBs are better in QB rating from ‘18-’21, yet he ruined the quarterback?

I do want to be excited. Kevin O’Connell must be the answer because the hype train is gaining a lot of steam.

Kirk Cousins appears twice on list of best QBs for each type of throw

Meh. If he had throws in the freaking playoffs then I would be impressed. Until then, it is all smoke and mirrors.

News from Around the League

Aaron Donald signing new contract with Rams, All-Pro DT becoming highest-paid non-QB in NFL history

Spotrac does a great breakdown of the cap hits

The deal currently carries cap hits of:
2022: $24M
2023: $38M
2024: $31.1M
2025: $23.3M (void year dead cap)


Not really news but interesting speculation about One surprise cut candidate from each NFL team in 2022

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