My son plays AAU baseball. His team plays 2 double headers a day each weekend, which means I spend an inordinate amount of my life at a baseball field. Given travel time, and the need to be at the field an hour before the first game, along with a 20 minute break in between games, its 7 hour days. Nobody told me this when he first took up the sport.

This off-season has felt a lot like my recent weekends. One thing I hear throughout those marathon games though, is my son's coach, who whenever he gets pumped up shouts LETS GO!

1228753764.jpg.0.jpgAnd that is exactly how I feel about camp opening up! If I were Pete Alonso, I would add in an expletive in between those words, and that might be justified. Can this season get started already? In honor of camps opening soon, let’s run down ten questions I am excited to learn the answers to, along with my pre-camp prognostications on each:

1. Will the O Line really be better?

Yes, yes it will, and I am predicting top 15 in the league.

2. Will the offense really be innovative?

I have a feeling we will oscillate often between praising the play calling and beyatchin about it. That’s the safest best in all of my predictions.

3. Will JJ be even better than last year?

He will get a ton of focus, but yeah, I think he will get the rock more, so his arros is still pointing up!

4. Will Cam Dantzler step up or play inconsistent like last year?

Step up to slightly above average and be more consistent, but not a true stud.

5. Which rookie will be the cat's meow?

I’m going chalk here with Cine, productive as soon as he hits the field.

6. Which one will disappoint?

I am not expecting much from Akayleb Evans this year. Will be buried on the depth chart.

7. Will Cousins deliver the goods?

Well, I think he will throw more INTs and more TDs. Mixed bag, but above average.

8. Will Danielle Hunter and Smith form a feared sack duo?

If healthy, yes, but that is a very big IF in my mind.

9. Will the Vikings make the playoffs?

As I mentioned earlier, the term is LET'S GO!

10. Will the Vikings win the Super Bowl?

I’m not falling for this question. No self serving Viking fan should answer this one.

OK, that's my ten questions, feel free to answer them yourself in the comments below, or ask me your burning questions to hear my amazing insights :)

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