Hello Vikings Fans !! Wanted to do a roster projection with some help from the DN. Loved the Real Forno show & their starting 22 episode. I pretty much agree with the analysis & of course a few starters will probably end up being different. The RG competition will come down to the wire & I'm hoping Reed pushes Bradbury at C. Some close battles on the DL & LB positions as well.


43 Locks:

These players are pretty much locks to make the 53 man roster. I don't see any of these players being cut.

2-QB- Kirk & Mond

5-RB- Cook, Mattison, Nwangwu, Chandler, Ham.

5-WR- JJ, AT, Osborn, ISM, Bisi.

2-TE- Irv & Mundt.

6-OL- O'Neill, Darrisaw, Ezra, Ingram, Reed, Bradbury.


7-LB- Hunter, Z. Smith, Wonnum, J. Robinson, Kendricks, Hicks, Asamoah.

5-DL- Phillips, Tomlinson, Watts, Otomewo, Twyman.

5-CB- P2, Dantzler, Booth, Evans, Sullivan.

3-SF- Harry, Cine, Bynum.

3-ST- Joseph, Berry, DePaola.


Ten On The Bubble:

Training camp will be fun to watch & maybe we'll see a few surprises.

1-WR- Nailor.
1-TE- Muse.
3-OL- Udoh, J. Davis, Brandel.
1-LB- Vilain.
1-DL- J. Lynch.
2-CB- Hand, Hairston.
1-SF- Mettelus.

PS 16 Roster:

1-QB- Mannion.

2-RB- Koback, Bargas.

2-WR- Hennigan, Proehl.

1-TE- Davidson.

3-OL- Lowe, Hinton, W. Davis.

2-DL- Bullard, Stevenson.

2-LB- Surratt, B. Lynch.

1-SF- Brown.

2-CB- Boyd, T. Smith.

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