The other Vikings have familiar problems - but a different approach

Starting in 2021, the European League of Football (ELF) has already garnered some attention, drawing up to 10.000 viewers per game - which is huge by European standards. Last year, the Frankfurt Galaxy won the title, a name some of you may be familiar with from the old NFL Europe Days.

For me, it is a nice way to spend the NFL-free time, as the season goes from Early June to early September. Since only 4 Americans (or nationals from other countries with college football) can play per team, the league will hardly be a "grooming league" like the NFL Europe was, but the QB1s are mainly americans (maybe we will see Sloter there sometime as well?). But it is an important step to further professionalize European football and maybe enlarge the pool of potential players for the NFL. As of now, the level of play is not sufficient for this though.

This year, the League has expanded to 12 Teams - one of those being the Vienna Vikings. As of Week 8, they remain the only undefeated team in the League, even though they somehow have inherited the kicking curse coming with the Vikings Name. They have been the worst team kicking extra points in the whole league.

So they go for 2 after every TD - maybe an approach the Big Vikings have to think about in the future as well.

Here are the highlights from this sundays' game:

Raiders Tirol @ Vienna Vikings

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