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Writing Their Story: The 2022 Vikings

Vikings training camp has started with the rookies and some vets reporting already. There are plenty of stories to tell but even more to be written by the team as it heads into the 2022 season full of hope and anticipation. Tyler is here to share them with you. SKOL!

Writing Their Story: The 2022 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp officially kicked off yesterday, Sunday, July 24th. All the rookies and some select vets have reported. The rest of the veterans will report on Wednesday. There will be some overarching storylines that will develop and intertwine as the players work to make the squad, and then win games in hopes of the ultimate goal. For most that mean a Super Bowl championship.

- Can Kirk Cousins rise above his mid-pack ranking?

- Who is the newest guy? Shaun Beyer, a tight end from the Denver Broncos’ 2021 practice squad was signed.

- Who are the players that you are excited to see?

Strap in and join host Tyler Forness and producer Dave live tonight!

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