Curse the Packers, NFL (and Ticketmaster)... Or, just another day in Viking fandom

So way back when it was first announced that the Vikings would have a game in London this year, I managed to put 'operation see Vikings in London' into action. Mind you, I'm not loaded, have a job and family responsibilities that don't allow me to easily jaunt off to the UK. So we need a plan. Plan Part 1 - gently suggest work colleagues might want to schedule an upcoming business meeting in Europe close enough to either side of Oct 2 to make it possible for me to get to the game with 'minimal' travel costs (or, at least without requiring the Wife's permission). Like another Minneapolis Miracle, this first part of the plan actually works! Part 1 - Check. So far so good.

Now the Plan part 2 - I just need a ticket to the game. Any ticket will do. How hard can it be to just get a single ticket? (Mind you I don't need a travel package with flights, hotels, transportation, etc. Just need a ticket to the game. So not interested in any group travel stuff.) Searches internet for how to get tickets. Tickets are not for sale yet, but Vikings and have a form you can fill out to get emailed info when tickets become available. Sit back and wait. Check websites every once in awhile for info about tickets, but there's no new info for months. Finally, I get an email saying tickets go on sale July 26 at 10am with a message adding that you can get in the Ticketmaster 'queue' at 9:30am and by the way please don't login before 9:30am or you might get kicked out.

July 25th rolls around. I block my work schedule for 9:30-10:30am with an "important meeting." Start to get paranoid that my internet is going to crash when it's time to buy tickets. Registers for a ticketmaster account. Logs in and out of ticketmaster several times just to make sure it works. Then discover that tickets go on sale at 10am BST. What the heck is BST? Google it and discover that tickets go on sale at 10am UK time! Middle of the night Minnesota time!

Plan B - set's alarm for 3:20am. Set back-up alarm for 3:25am. Spend a few hours before bed checking out seat maps for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Happen to find a link to Stub Hub and realize there are tickets for the game already for the sale there. Hmm, that's strange - I thought tickets didn't go on sale yet. Also, notice that big chunks of tickets are already blocked out by the NFL or travel partners as "premium packages". Still the email said tickets go on sale at 10am -- and as a Vikings fan there's always a chance things might work out. So I leave computer on -- already logged in to ticketmaster and ready to just click the buy tickets button when I wake up. Go to bed dreaming of nabbing great seats and celebrating in the morning. Get a few hours of restless Zzzs. Bamm! Alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Second alarm goes off. Grab computer at 3:28am and refresh browser. Click buy tickets. Clear my eyes and see "CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE IN QUEUE -- YOU ARE NUMBER 144,320 IN QUEUE. We'll email you 10 minutes before it's your turn to buy tickets." WTF!

Same sick kick in the nutz feeling I had when Greg Joseph misses chip shot in week 2. Brilliant plan going down in flames. I then realize that some genius at Ticketmaster or the NFL decided to also have the Packers-Giants game for Oct 9 go on sale in the same system at exactly the same time! So I figure there's maybe 100k Pukers fans trying to buy tickets at the exact same time and maybe, maybe if I keep the faith the queue will disappear and they'll surely be at least one ticket available when it's my turn. Keep checking website and queue status every 10 minutes. Check Stub Hub - just in case maybe I should nab a ticket over there. There are a few seats there that don't look bad and prices are jacked up, but they're not that jacked up. Well the Ticketmaster Queue is going down every few minutes by several thousand people. So maybe if I just hang in there things will work out. An hour and 1/2 later, the Ticketmaster site puts up and update message -- "the Packers-Giants game has limited availability only single tickets remain." Aha, my intuition was correct. Pukers fans are the worst and always ruin everything! More importantly, the site says "Vikings-Saints tickets remain available." Yes! There's still hope.

I stick it out until the queue says I'm now in 72,000th place. The site still stays "tickets available." Come on, baby, I only need one ticket. I'm a Vikings fan -- anything is possible. As 7:30am rolls around, I start to realize the inevitable is going to happen. Reality sinks in -- the stadium only seats 63,000 and, who am I kidding, most of the seats were sold or reserved before tickets even went on sale. Now I'm more frustrated than seeing a dozen bogus ref calls at Lambeau field turn another game.

Not ready to give up, I jump back on Stub Hub to see what's going on there. There's a lot less tickets there now and the one's I was looking at before are gone or have doubled or tripled in price. What's worse, to get any sort of decent seat now I have to buy 2 tickets -- even though I only need one. Checks Ticketmaster one more time. Now down to 32,000th in the queue. Click - buys very expensive pair of tickets on Stub Hub! Like a last minute, comeback victory over the Detroit Lions, I'm not sure if I should celebrate or be annoyed.

Just for the heck of it, I check Ticketmaster site again. This time I'm directed to a seat map and purchase options for available tickets. 1 single seat remains in the whole stadium! Out of the principle of the thing, I select the seat and try to purchase the ticket. But then I get an error message that someone else has just purchased it and seat is no longer available.

Once blood pressure goes down again, I realize I did manage to buy a pair of tickets. Not bad seats either. Whoo hoo. Just another day in Viking fandom. Assuming the Stub Hub purchase is not a scam, I hope to see a lot of Vikings fans showing up in London! (Who knows I also may just have an extra ticket if anyone is looking...)

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