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Jim Marshall does not make Seniors Committee semifinalists for Class of 2023


Portrait of Jim Marshall

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Seniors Committee has trimmed its list of semifinalist candidates for the Class of 2023, and one of the most prominent members of the Minnesota Vikings has gotten hosed.


Former Vikings’ defensive end Jim Marshall was not on the list of 12 semifinalists released by the Hall just a short while ago. That means that he’s been passed over for enshrinement in Canton again.

At this point, it might be fair to wonder if Marshall is ever going to get in. We’ve said this before, but if those Bud Grant Vikings teams had won just one of those four Super Bowls, Marshall probably would have been enshrined a very long time ago. As it stands, he can’t even break through into the top half of the list to be named a semifinalist.

For Vikings fans, this is incredibly disheartening to hear. All we can do is hope that, one of these days, common sense prevails and Marshall takes his rightful place alongside Alan Page and Carl Eller in the Hall.