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Vikings Report LIVE talking depth chart, Raiders, and more


It’s Wednesday! You know what that means.

Wait. . .you don’t? Well, for (most of) the rest of August, it means live episodes of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted at 7:00 PM Central time! You can either check the video out on the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube page, which will allow you to interact with the show via comments, or just watch the video below.

The Vikings’ first preseason game of the year is on Sunday afternoon at the big Roomba in the desert, as your Minnesota Vikings will travel to take on the Las Vegas Raiders. We’ll be talking about that, as well as taking a look at the first depth chart of the year that was released today. I’ve already given some thoughts on that, and we’ll expound on it some more during tonight’s show.

And there will be prizes, because there’s always prizes!

So, if you’re just hanging out and want something to listen to, come on in and check out this episode of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted. We hope you enjoy it!