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Will the Vikings be hunting for a new (backup) quarterback?

It sounds like they’re open to it

NFL: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Last night on our live episode of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted. . .which everybody should watch because it’s friggin’ spectacular. . .we talked about the Minnesota Vikings’ first depth chart of the year, and part of that discussion included whether or not the team’s backup quarterback was currently on the roster.

The reports coming out of camp have suggested that neither Kellen Mond nor Sean Mannion has exactly been lighting it up so far, but I personally thought that one of them would end up emerging as the backup to Kirk Cousins. Honestly, if Cousins goes down the season is shot anyway, but right now it doesn’t sound as though either of the potential backups would give the Vikings even a puncher’s chance of being competitive.

On KFAN in Minneapolis today, ESPN Vikings beat writer Kevin Seifert suggested that the Vikings are contemplating whether or not the #2 QB is on the roster right now or not.

On the one hand, it sounds like the Vikings are going to see whether or not things start happening for Mannion or Mond during these preseason games. Honestly, we know what Mannion brings to the table already, but at some point the proverbial “switch” could potentially flip for Mond and he might start looking like a potential NFL QB, or at least a potential backup QB.

There really isn’t a whole lot out there on the free agent quarterback market as things stand right now. Yes, Kyle Sloter was just cut for the 27th time. . .there’s probably a really good reason that he’s been cut 27 times. Cam Newton’s still out there, I guess. . .he might be the best available guy at the moment.


The team had brought in Kevin Hogan for a workout the other day but chose not to sign him to a deal. Hogan has played for a few different teams since entering the league in 2016 and hasn’t thrown a pass in the NFL since he played in Cleveland in 2017, appearing in four games for the Browns club that went 0-16.

Other than that, it could be that the Vikings wait to see how the final cuts around the league go on 30 August and then see who they can bring in to potentially be the backup to Cousins. . .at which point you’d have to go about teaching the offense to someone that spent the entire offseason and preseason learning a different offense. Not optimal.

There’s nothing definitive on this yet, obviously, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on going forward.