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Kirk Cousins sent home from Vikings facility with illness


NFL: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

After making it nearly all the way through Training Camp without any drama, the Minnesota Vikings may have some brewing right now.

Or they may not, depending on your perspective.

Numerous sources are reporting that quarterback Kirk Cousins was sent home from the team’s facility on Thursday because of an illness. His status for Sunday’s preseason opener against the Las Vegas Raiders is currently up in the air.

At this point, the Vikings are (apparently) waiting to determine whether or not Cousins has COVID-19.

As Kevin Seifert of ESPN points out, the Vikings probably do know by now, or at least have a possible suspicion, that Cousins has COVID. The antigen tests that are readily available return results almost immediately. The team could be waiting on a PCR confirmation as well.

Also, as Seifert points out, the team isn’t obligated to tell anyone whether or not Cousins has COVID because, really, it’s none of our damn business.

With Cousins away from the facility, the quarterback snaps will be shared by Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion. If Cousins cannot travel to Las Vegas for Sunday’s game. . .and there’s a solid chance that he might not have played anyway. . .those two will have to carry the torch for the Vikings for the opener.

We’ll obviously be keeping an eye on this situation, but for now what we know is that Kirk Cousins was sent home from the Vikings facilities on Thursday with an illness.