Time to Trade Mattison?

Kene and Chandler played lights out last night. I just went back and watched some highlights and slowed them down ... . Chandler looks like a FIND, and Nwangwu is total scat plus returns plus has good hands.

So, I presently would feel quite comfortable with a 4-back group of Cook, Chanler, Ham, and Nwangwu.

What value would Mattison have in trade? he's a very good all-around back, but not a star. Sort of in between a starter and a backup, right? But, he can also play three downs, has hands, and usually plays well when called on.

What could the Vikes get in trade, since they're not gonna keep him next year anyway?

Forget center. Browns just lost theirs. Would the better trade be for additional safety help? a DT? draft picks for next year or later?

Or, keep it like it is?

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