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BREAKING: Kirk Cousins develops potty mouth

Yes, we’re joking. Let me make that clear. We’re joking

NFL: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins spent five days away from the team last week, including missing Sunday’s preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders, after testing positive for COVID-19. It was his second time having the virus, and it appears that one of the side effects that has come about as a result is an increase in his propensity to use swear words.

In today’s joint practices with the San Francisco 49ers leading up to this Saturday’s game between the two teams in Minneapolis, Cousins completed a pass to Adam Thielen during the 11-on-11 portion of practice and immediately asked everyone in the general vicinity if they liked that.

His question included a word that starts with the letter “F.” And it wasn’t “frickin’,” which is the word that Cousins has more famously used in such situations. No, I do believe this variation of the word is the one that rhymes with truck.

Now, obviously this isn’t that big a deal. . .Kirk Cousins is an adult and can swear whenever he wants. And no, it isn’t the result of having COVID. . .at least to the best of my knowledge.

But it is kind of funny for someone that’s as notoriously straight-laced as Cousins is to be dropping the f-word in a joint practice. It just seems like a funny time for it to come out. I don’t know if it’s ever come out in a game situation, but I don’t think anyone’s ever caught it when Cousins has been “mic’d up” on game days.

Again, this is nothing earth-shattering. . .just a bit of a funny thing that came out of today’s joint practice that might give folks a bit of a laugh.