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Vikings vs 49ers | The Final Score

Players were battling for roster spots at US Bank Stadium. There was some good and definitely some bad. Flip, Jayson, and Dave talk about your Minnesota Vikings’ matchup against the San Francisco 49ers on CTP’s The Final Score.

Vikings vs 49ers and The Final Score has you covered. The Minnesota Vikings are hosting the San Francisco 49ers at U.S. Bank Stadium for preseason game 2. Players are battling for roster spots and trying to prove that they need to be kept on the roster. There are some rookies that want to make a case for starting. It looks like Ed Ingram may have locked down the starting right guard spot. Can he cement that conclusion? Lewis Cine has been getting it but is still a half step slow adjusting to the NFL’s decision speed. Andrew Booth Jr is exciting at cornerback, but can he learn to be less flag prone, and by that either less grabby or more deceptive when doing it? Then after seeing Brian Asamoah with huge highs and few lows last week, can he reduce those low plays where he gets swallowed up? These are things we’ll be watching. We invite you too. Finally, in the final two minutes, LIVE with us!

1) Highlights

2) Lowlights

3) Speed round and your questions

4) What’s ahead

The Final Score [the name for CTP’s Postgame show] is ready for the season. There are 4 new regulars and the occasional guest. The focus will be on you the fan, and how you felt the team did. Hopefully racking up the wins in the regular season. Today, Flip Mazzi, Jayson Brown, and Dave will all be here. Did you like what you saw?