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Tyler’s Vikings Projected 53

From the transactions made by the Vikings on Monday to projecting the final 53, Tyler breaks down the direction the Vikings are going. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL! 

On this The Real Forno Show - The preseason has come to a close! The Minnesota Vikings lost a tough one to the Denver Broncos 23-13 on Saturday night. With it being the last preseason game, it was also the last opportunity to make a good impression. On tonight’s show, we will explore

-Who made a good and bad final impression

-Tough break for Bisi Johnson

-Tyler’s projected 53-man roster

-The toughest positions to project

-Potential waiver pickups after the deadline

All of that and more tonight on The Real Forno Show. Strap in and join host Tyler Forness and producer Dave live tonight!

Fan with us!!! Tyler Forness @TheRealForno and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare producing this @Climb_ThePocket ’s & @DailyNorseman’s production, on the @RealFornoShow, and enjoying an OUTSTANDING brew from @LakeMonsterBrew.