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Vikings Cuts Pt 3: Down to 53

On this Vikings Daily SITREP , the Vikes released, waived, and traded their way to 53 players as dictated by the NFL, with at least one surprise cut and the cutting of both Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion, it was a wild day for Vikings fans. SKOL!

Your Minnesota Vikings have complied with the NFL’s requirement to cut the roster down to 53 players. There were some surprises and two trades, one to the Vikings. We’ll go over for 2022 Vikings roster as it sits as of now. Join Tanishka Mhaskar of Climbing The Pocket and Zone Coverage as she breaks it all down.

What was on the docket:

- Vikings cut Kellen Mond and Sean Mannion

- Armon Watts surprise cut

- Trade for Ross Blacklock

- Traded Jesse Davis

- Some salary cap moves

- Vikings trade rumors

- What to expect in the next 24-48 hours

- Practice squad candidates

A big shout out to all our viewers and those that commented live. You make the show great!

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