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Vikings make no waiver claims, 53-man roster unchanged

Is this surprising to you?

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The deadline for making waiver claims has come and gone, and it brings no changes to the Minnesota Vikings’ current 53-man roster.

According to the official list just released by the NFL, the Vikings did not claim anyone on waivers at today’s 11:00 AM Central deadline. That means that, as things stand right now, the team’s 53-man roster looks the same as it did yesterday.

This is not to say that the Vikings didn’t make any claims on players that were waived as part of yesterday’s final cuts around the league. However, as we explained yesterday, there were 11 teams ahead of the Vikings on the waiver priority list, and if any of them claimed a player the Vikings wanted to claim the Vikings were out of luck.

Two players that were waived by the Vikings yesterday were claimed by other teams. Those two players were quarterback Kellen Mond, who was claimed by the Cleveland Browns, and defensive lineman Armon Watts, who was one of six players plucked from waivers by the Chicago Bears. That means the Vikings could be seeing Watts as early as Week 5 at U.S. Bank Stadium when the two teams meet up.

With no waiver claims made, the Vikings will now start building their 16-man practice squad. We’re keeping track of everything we hear along that front on our Practice Squad Tracker.