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Vikings officially announce 12 practice squad signings

They have four spots still open

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

While we’ve been tracking the news and rumors of who the Minnesota Vikings have added to their practice squad today, the team has officially announced 12 signings on their official website.

Here are the 12 players the team has confirmed as members of the practice squad:

  • WR Dan Chisena
  • S Myles Dorn
  • G Kyle Hinton
  • WR Trishton Jackson
  • RB Bryant Koback
  • LB William Kwenkeu
  • TE Nick Muse
  • CB Parry Nickerson
  • OLB Janarius Robinson
  • DT T.J. Smith
  • C Josh Sokol
  • DL Jaylen Twyman

The team lists Nickerson as being signed to the practice squad as a “veteran,” while Chisena and Dorn are listed as “exceptions.” I honestly don’t know the difference between a veteran and an exception, to be honest. I’ll have to see if I can dig up that information.

That means the Vikings still have four spots on their practice squad left to be filled. They don’t have to fill them right away or anything. . .they’re probably looking to see if anyone shakes loose today that they’re interested in before making any more moves.

Congratulations to those 12 players listed above as coming back to Minnesota as a part of the Vikings’ practice squad.