Re-grading the 2019 Draft class

Its been officially been 3 seasons for the 2019 Draft class so i figured it is time take a look back on the Vikings 2019 Draft class

the general Consensus right after the 2019 Drafts was mostly Bs a couple A grades and PFF said below average


Now on to the Players

I'm giving their general Grade from 2019 (mostly using the fox link) and then giving my own grade

Round 1 Pick 18 2019 grade A 2022 grade C-

Garrett Bradbury

Bradbury unfortunately is still looking to solidify his Pass Blocking going into year 4, though he has shown that his Draft Profiles were right when it comes to run blocking and blocking while on the move.

I give it a C- because unless a miracle happens Bradbury isn't likely to sign a 2nd contract with the Vikings and that terrible for your first round pick, but I cant give him anything lower as he has been a starter for 3 years straight and his run blocking was as advertised.

Round 2 Pick 50 2019 grade B+ 2022 grade B-

Irv Smith Jr

Swervin Irvin is harder to Grade He was productive in his secondary TE1B role behind Kyle Rudolph (66 catches 676 yards 7 TDs in 29 games played with 14 starts) unfortunately he torn his meniscus in the last preseason game of 2021 and missed the whole season.

So 2022 has become either his breakout season or not, but that has been hampered with a broken thumb in Camp, I think Smith is still a wildly talented player but he does need to shake off the thumb and come out of 2022 proving he is a starting TE in the league.

Round 3 Pick 102 (after what felt like a 1000 trades) 2019 grade C 2022 C+

Alexander Mattison

Mattison is the opitmy of a league average RB, He is a balanced back who has done well when he has needed to start for Dalvin Cook, He has 1,801 total yards with 8 TDs in his career in his 6 starts he has hit 90+ yards 4 times, the other 2 he had less than 20 carries.

I brought him up a bit as when needed to start he has been able to hold down the every down back setup used often under the old regime and when given at least 20 carries (standard number for a start) he has down well.

He will likely leave in FA next off season (maybe traded this season if a team has a need) and will likely be added to a team wanting a thunder and lightning combo at RB.

Round 4 Pick 114 (a player alot of fans wanted in the 3rd over Mattison) 2019 grade B+ 2022 F

Dru Samia

Not much to say about Samia he was a fan favorite backup until he actually had to play, and is now used to counter the phrase "It Cant get any worse"

Round 5 Pick 162 2019 Grade B- 2022 D

Cameron Smith

a late round run defending thumper, Smith didn't do much as a rookie making the PS, then He missed 2020 with a congenital heart defect found because of the Covid pandemic. He retired in 2021.

Im not gonna give an F to Smith because of health reasons he had no control of.

Round 6 Pick 190 2019 grade A- 2022 A-

Armon Watts

a late round DT who started slow but has come into his own as a DT, He improved alot last season picking up 5 sacks and 2 FF in 2021, he might be the most likely player from 2019 who might get a 2nd contract with the vikings, it depends on his fit in the new 3-4.

Round 6 Pick 191 2019 grade B- (walter cherepensky gave this pick a D) 2022 D (for vikings) B (for eagles)

Marcus Epps

a late round safety who made the initial 53 and played in 8 games but the vikings tried to stash him on the PS late and the Eagles snatched him and his had 8 starts for the eagles and is competing for the starting spot this offseason.

Round 6 Pick 193 2019 Grade B+ 2022 B-

Oli Udoh

Oli Udoh a Raw prospect out of Elon, He has shown Versatility making Starts at LT, RT and RG but really is a RT and is likely to leave the Vikings in 2023 (i see him as 2022s swing tackle) likely to be picked up and compete to start at RT in 2023.

Round 7 Pick 217 2019 Grade A- 2022 C

Kris Boyd

Boyd is fighting just to make the roster in 2022, he has flashed a time or 2 but isnt likely to make the team and if he does it will be more for STs.

Round 7 Pick 239 2019 Grade B+ 2022 F

Dillon Mitchell

Never made he 53 was on the PS for a couple seasons and never caught on currently playing for the Canadien Football league.

Round 7 Pick 247 2019 Grade B- 2022 B

Olabisi Johnson

Most likely WR 4 or 5 for the vikings in 2022 but he has made strides for being a 7th Round pick, He is a bigger bodies WR (compared to most of the vikings WRs) and has 45 catches for 483 yards and 3 Tds in his career, He did miss 2021 with an ACL tear but has played in the 32 games in 2019 and 2020 with 9 starts. Not bad for a 7th round pick

Round 7 Pick 250 2019 Grade C- 2022 F+

Austin Cutting

His grade in 2019 was more Position based than Performance based being a long Snapper, He won his LS job as a rookie and then started having snapping issues as a sophomore and was eventually cut for current LS Andrew Depola

So Overall in 2019 the Vikings Draft had been looked on Favorably B+

while in practice its more a C+ thats Hinges on the Top 2 players of the Draft class to perform in 2022 if they dont the Grade easily drops to a D-.

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