Finally, we are here.

I got my wish- even though long overdue- of regime change, super pumped about this team.

We have the offensive firepower to keep up with anyone, even Buffalo. There are some question marks we all know about, like how well will Bradbury hold up, how will our corners do, can Z Smith and Hunter stay healthy? The usual. The important thing is, we are heading in the right direction for the first time in 5 years, and for that reason alone, I am excited as hell. We are a few moves away from being top tier, and barring injury or KOC falling off a cliff (I do not see that happening), we will be in the playoffs this year. However, I think next year is when we blow up to a top 5 team overall.

Speaking of KOC, the Lambs looked really bad. I wonder how much losing him and Phillips have impacted that team along with all the talent that left, especially Miller. On the other hand, Josh Allen is the best player in football. Damn that guy is a beast and I think they win it all this year. Not impressed with the Rams. I know its week one, but they look like a one and done. Kupp got beat up bad in that game. He is going to have a tough season with everyone waiting to lay wood on him.

The Quackers: tough defense and running game, but they have a lot of question marks on the oline and at receiver (even though Cobb has burned us plenty). I never count them out but they have become a team that gets close and cannot finish at the end. Which makes us all happy. I do not see them winning a SB any time soon.

We win a tough game, 27-24.

Lets goooo new era!!!!!

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