4 Downs to 1-0: Different Domination

1st Down: When was the last time the Minnesota Vikings handily won a game with Dalvin Cook being a relative non-factor (20 carries, 90 yards)? Longer than I can remember, to be sure. After years of Mike Zimmer's ground-and-pound approach, it was weird--though refreshing--to see Cook garner his yardage salting away a victory instead of creating it through sheer attrition. I'm sure Dalvin will have his day again soon.

2nd Down: Justin Jefferson (9 Rec, 184 yards, 2 TD) is now a certified "cheese-grater", if you will. I mean, we're at Randy Moss levels of production against the green-and-gold after this massacre. This is such a big reason why the new regime didn't execute a complete tear-down as their initial marching orders. Wasting his talent would be criminal. It's almost a little overwhelming thinking about his new ceiling in an aggressive offense as opposed to a ball-control one.

3rd Down: Kirk Cousins (23/32, 277 yards, 2 TD, 0 turnovers) was exactly what he needed to be on this day. Crisp, efficient, and smart (I only observed one sphincter-tightening throw) with the football. Early in the game he received the customary up-the-middle pressure from Green Bay's big boys--but the coaching adjustments were made and Kirk nimbly avoided some sticky wickets later on. He never got flustered or looked uptight (both common issues for #8 in big situations).

4th Down: A huge congratulations to Head Coach Kevin O'Connell for his first victory at the bow of the ship. He was calm, cool and collected--though I'm sure inside he was churning. It has been a long time (early-Zim era) since I've seen this kind of energy in a victorious Vikings locker room:

Cousins: "Everything rises and falls on leadership...and we're going to go as far as these guys take us". Nothing earned or captured yet, to be sure, but the new energy is certainly in full force.

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