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Aaron Rodgers calls Justin Jefferson the “best player in the game today”

I mean. . .is he wrong?

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

It takes a lot to get Aaron Rodgers to say anything positive about the Minnesota Vikings, but after the purple defeated the Green Bay Packers on Sunday to start the 2022 regular season, he had some pretty high praise for a guy that obviously deserves a lot of it.

In a clip that was shared on the NFL’s official Twitter account, as they shared a moment after Sunday’s game, Rodgers said that Vikings’ wide receiver Justin Jefferson was the “best player in the game today.”

Now, there’s two ways that this could potentially be taken. The first is that Jefferson was, quite clearly, the best player at U.S. Bank Stadium in yesterday’s contest. He hauled in nine catches for 184 yards and both of Minnesota’s touchdowns on the day. If we look at it that way, it seems pretty darn accurate.

It could also mean that Jefferson, who has set the league on fire in his first two NFL seasons and appears poised to throw kerosene on those flames this year, is the best player in the National Football League. Period.

If that’s what Rodgers was talking about, that’s some pretty high praise from a two-time reigning and defending NFL Most Valuable Player (even if we do sort of hate the guy’s guts). But, after what Jefferson did yesterday and given that we have 16 more games for him in this new-look Vikings’ offense, he might be completely correct to put it that way as well.

I’m not totally sure if Justin Jefferson is the best player in the entire National Football League today. Best wide receiver, sure, but maybe not the best player in the whole NFL. I will say, however, that the list of names that are ahead of him is getting shorter every time he takes the field.