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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 1 2022

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

This is my favorite article of the week, and I am excited to start this year off with a winning version of nincompoops. Also, if you take offense to this…I don’t care! It is supposed to be fun looking at the professional players/coaches/fans that did something stupid.

Christian Watson

Christian had a chance to make a big impact on his first play ever in the NFL. Christian burned Patrick Peterson badly and was running down the sidelines open for a TD. A A Ron tossed the ball perfectly in stride to Christian. All he had to do was catch the ball…you know, like he gets paid to do. It went through his hands and started the game off on a bad foot for the Packers’ offense. If this easy catch was made, the game would’ve been totally different. Are you a nincompoop for making one mistake? I’ll let the vote decide.

A A Ron Rodgers

This could be a lifetime achievement award for A A Ron. Just the way he dressed getting off the plane in Minnesota to his general arrogance. I don’t know if he has lost a step or if he just doesn’t have the team around him. He didn’t look like himself and he seems to have a lot going on off the field. He likes to hear himself talk. I enjoyed the Za’Darius Smith block on A A Ron and them him stumbling to get up and talk trash. They both smiled afterwards, so it wasn’t anything nasty. His arrogance coming into the game and into this season is why is a nominee and likely winner of nincompoop of the week.

Joe Barry

Who is Joe Barry? He’s the DC for Green Bay. I know Justin Jefferson is good, but their defense seemed to be unprepared for JJ in the first half. There were very few double teams or giving his CBs help. They clearly could not cover him 1 on 1 and Joe’s scheme didn’t help them at all. For that Mr. Barry, you are a nincompoop.

Green Bay Packer Fans

This happens every year when the Vikings beat the Packers. “Congrats on winning your Super Bowl” is the first thing posted on every side. Of course, we’re excited we beat a division rival to start the year. It is the best way to start a year. It’s not a super bowl and we won’t be happy if the team doesn’t win any other games. It’s a nuisance that is easily avoided, but something we all know was coming before the game even started. If you’re a Packer fan and you posted anything like this, you are a nincompoop.


Who is your Nincompoop of the Week?

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    Christian Watson
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  • 34%
    A A Ron Rodgers
    (620 votes)
  • 12%
    Joe Barry
    (220 votes)
  • 39%
    Green Bay Packer Fans
    (703 votes)
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