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Homage debuts NFL Blitz Pack featuring Justin Jefferson and Randy Moss

Not together, but still awesome

If you’re anything like me. . .and I kind of hope that you’re not, but in the event that you are. . .you spent a lot of time playing NFL Blitz in some form, whether it was in the arcade or on a home gaming system. Well, our friends from Homage have launched their NFL Blitz Pack today, and their t-shirts feature a couple of great Minnesota Vikings wide receivers.

As you can see from the initial picture, Justin Jefferson is featured, as he should be.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also a retro Blitz Pack that features the one and only Randy Moss.

Not gonna lie, those look pretty sweet whether you want to go old school or new school.

You can check out all of our offerings from our friends at Homage, including the NFL Blitz Pack, by clicking right here. In addition, there are a couple of sales that you can take advantage of to reduce your cost of getting these high-quality designs.

  • Thursday Night Flash Sale: 20% off NFL (some exclusions apply) - 9/15/22 (TODAY!)
  • Sunday Sale: $5 off Tees and $10 off Fleece (hoodies, crewneck, etc.) - 9/18/22 (Sunday)

So, if you’re a big fan of NFL Blitz, the Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss, or Justin Jefferson. . .and I think that should cover just about everybody. . .head on over to Homage and check out what they’ve got to offer!